We're looking for more PHP developers!

Posted Apr 20, 2021 | ~4 minute read

Exciting times! We're on the hunt for one or two more developers to come join the gang here at Codepotato. If you're looking for a new opportunity in an agency that's abso-frickin-lutely madly passionate about data-driven web systems for the financial world then read on.

What's the role?

We're looking for some full-time junior or mid-level PHP developers to come join us at Codepotato to assist with some awesome data-driven web services for the financial world. Our clients range from large technology providers to smaller one-man bands and the tools we build are varied and exciting. With systems like life insurance quotation engines and bespoke client portals there'll be plenty to get your teeth into and further your development knowledge and passion.

We're a close team here and we love nothing more than supporting each other through the usual highs and lows of development projects. Some would call us madly passionate about the "things" we build and we won't lie, we are! We put our hearts and souls into the services we build for our clients and love nothing more than seeing the smile on our clients' faces when their idea is brought to reality. If you want to make a difference through the tools you build, this is the opportunity for you!

Who would be a good fit?

First off, passion and perseverance far outweigh qualifications in this industry so we're not necessarily looking for someone with a Masters in fitting a CD drive to a computer, or anything silly like that. We're looking for an individual who LOVES code and solving problems, regardless of their current abilities; as long as you have a passion and a desire to learn, we'll give you everything you need to level-up your coding know-how.

Secondly, the right sort of person will be happy to talk to clients about their projects and to "muck in" with problem solving when issues arise. Writing code is relatively easy; it's problem solving that sets you on a path to awesomeness. Again, we'll more than happily guide you through the techniques and processes we go through if you don't feel confident from the outset.

And finally, we all love to keep "fresh" so a nice quality would be a desire to always improve and evolve.

(If you're a dab hand at FPS games too, you'll settle in a treat on our occasional lunch-time gaming sessions 🎮)

What technologies do we use currently?

We use a pretty decent tech stack at the moment on the projects we build and typically we'll use any of the following:

  • Laravel PHP Framework (or other PHP framework experience)
  • Vue JS front-end framework (you're not required to know this)
  • Tailwind CSS (we LOVE it!)
  • Bulma / Buefy / Bootstrap CSS frameworks on some legacy projects
  • HTML (obviously)

What about the other boring bits like salary, locations, office fun-sessions etc?

Salary will be dependent on experience so please don't hide your achievements away!

COVID19 has affected businesses in various ways so at the moment all our team are working remotely. In the future it would be great if you popped in to work from our HQ, but that's definitely not a requirement for now. Our office is based in Waterlooville, Hampshire with decent transport links if you're coming by public transport. We have parking at our office too.

We all develop on 🍏 Apple Mac's here so we'll hook you up with either a desktop or laptop device to use as your coding beast so don't sweat if you don't have kit available to work on.

We are BIG believers in working hard and playing hard so it's not uncommon for us to go out go-karting in the evening, playing the occasional office LAN game or ordering in a few pizzas to fuel our coding. We've had trips to Amsterdam for VueJS conferences and generally have a relaxed working environment.

Sounds good, right? Let's have a chat!

If this sounds like a role for you, please drop me an email directly at [email protected] with a quick intro to who you are, what things you love to do (hobbies, passions etc) and what excited you most about this opportunity.

I'll get in touch to book in a video or phone call some time to have a casual chit-chat and we'll go from there!

Recruiters, please don't get in touch at this point. UK applicants only, too.