Thinking of updating your site? Check these first

Posted Oct 28, 2016 | ~3 minute read


We're approaching that time of year where firms are starting to think of marketing efforts for the new year, and with that in mind, we thought we would help by providing a few tools and services that you could use to assess how well you're doing, and what needs improvement.

So, let's get started! Best of all, the tools below won't cost you a penny.

Stats, stats and more stats

Do you currently use Google Analytics, or other site stat tools on your site? If not, why not *casts an evil glare*.

The benefits of website usage reports are very nicely documented, and Google have a fantastic tool that is entirely free! If you don't have easy access to visitor numbers to your site, set it up pronto! Once it's setup, you'll be able to bore the team with how many people came to your site from London... #greatBanter

All joking aside, you can tailor reports within analytics to help identify the most effective pages of your site, and what "channel" (route into your site) is the most effective.

Are you on first name basis with the search engines?

There are a handful of services out there that allow you to report how effective your site is in the search engines, and whether or not there are any coding or technology factors that could be holding you back. Tools such as Website Grader, Nibbler and WooRank are some of the top names, and they all offer fairly comprehensive reports for FREE! You can't argue with that.

The feedback generated from these tools could then be shared with your web partners to tighten up a few loose bolts and ensure your site is up to scratch.

Errr, security!?

We've blogged about this a few times now, but from next year, Google Chrome will start alerting users to sites that don't use HTTPS:// (or the padlock security to the average Joe). It's simple to setup, and doesn't necessarily incur a cost. Companies like LetsEncrypt now offer FREE SSL certificates. Winner winner chicken dinner! Again, your web agency should be able to assist with this; most decent web hosting firms now offer a one-click installation of LetsEncrypt certificates, so typically it's not a lot of effort to do.


If you've not updated your site to be mobile / device agnostic by now, why not? The search engines are already promoting sites that are, and in fact, Google is creating a separate index of sites that are mobile friendly for users that are searching from their mobile. In theory, this might mean that if you don't have a mobile friendly site, you might not appear on Google for the searches you might expect to appear for, such as a search for your company name. Updating your site to be mobile friendly doesn't necessarily mean "let's start again".

Don't have time to do the review yourself, we can help

Not everyone has time to review or use the tools listed above, and if you would like someone to take a look over what you have currently, with a view to provide suitable suggestions on how to do better we're more than happy to help out. Just drop us a note here, and we'll be in touch.