The IFP Conference - The hit-list

Posted Aug 17, 2011 | ~1 minute read

So, i'm going to be making our way to the IFP Conference this year and will hopefully finally meet a lot of the folk I talk to on Twitter. I want to make sure I meet everyone I can, and have created this post as a personal hit-list for me to refer to on the day.

So far, I need to meet :

  • @philyoung360 (Phil Young)
  • @kingmakersgroup (Rob Stevenson)
  • @philbill360 (Phil Billingham)
  • @theparaplanner (Richard Allum) *
  • @petematthew (Pete Matthew) *  Can't make it now :(
  • @ovationchris (Chris Budd) *
  • @paulgormancfp (Paul Gorman)
  • @jenny_smyth (Jenny Smyth)
  • @thetimebank (Damian Davies)
  • @cathiparasols (Cathi Harrison)
  • @stevemartincfp (Steve Martin)
  • @itinformed (Eileen Murphy)
  • @theFinanceCoach (Tina Weeks) - Updated
  • @IFALife (Philip Calvert) - Updated
  • @TomBaigrie (Tom Baigrie) - Updated

* These people are going to get a free beer, as they were incredibly influential and bloody helpful when I was wondering whether to go full-time with [codepotato]. They will never be forgotten! 

Wait! I'm going and i'm not listed!

No worries. Leave a comment below, and i'll add you! I'm sure i've missed some other equally amazing people, so don't be offended!