Team potato needs a crayon-crazy cool cat!

Posted Jan 6, 2014 | ~3 minute read


Happy New Year to you all and we sincerely hope you had a stunning festive break.

Here at team potato, things don't seem to be getting any quieter (woo!) and we're now on the look out now for a crayon crazy designer to join our team. If you love design a lot, like really a HUGE amount, you could be the wafer to our choc-chip ice cream of a team!

So what exactly are you looking for, we hear you softly type onto a design canvas (with an elegant drop-shadow). Well, carry on reading and we'll spill the beans.

We're looking for someone who has a serious passion for design. If you find yourself walking round shops shouting at poorly kerned typography, or sigh at inappropriate uses of comic sans, you're already on #winning street. To us, passion is worth more than qualifications.

The role would include a healthy mix of designing marketing sites and the occasional web-app thrown in for good measure. We like to keep roles varied and if you're keen and motivated, we'll keep you busy with a variety of tasks. If you make it into the elite circle of trust, you may even be part of our own filehaven project.

You might be thinking "hey this sounds so perfect, what's the catch?".


The catch is that at the moment, the role is part time and to apply, you must be in the UK. You won't need to work from our funky offices, but proximity to Waterlooville is a plus but really not essential. And we mean that, it's not there to catch you out :)

So what will you get?

Working with codepotato, we hope to give you experience and confidence in your abilities that you can either use to continue working with us (preferred option) or to go on and take over the world. We're sharers of confidence, and praise. If you do a good job, you'll know about it.

We're here to help you develop your skills or provide you with varied work.

We're also absolutely nutty about what we do, and those that work closely with us often comment about how "fun" work becomes. We hope to share this work "ethos" with you too.

From a £££ point of view, this is negotiable depending on experience and location. Please tell us what you're looking for, and be honest!

So how do you apply?

Easy, just pop Gareth an email to gareth [at] with why you should be considered. If you have an existing portfolio, epic! Feel free to include some links to work you've already done.

Closing date is end of January 2014.