Spudtacular support just got better

Posted Dec 6, 2013 | ~2 minute read

*Waves* Hello everyone!

Support. It's something we love. No, seriously, we really do.

In this day and age support is just as important as the product or service you provide. A product could be incredible, but if dealing with the people behind the firm is a pain in the ass, they'll soon lose business. From our point of view, we've always rated web hosting companies based on the support they provide; often discounting firms that just don't *get* it.

Companies that *get* it tend to have three distinctive traits : personality, knowledge & trust.


Support Diagram


So we would like to think that our support ticks all those boxes too!

Codepotato has grown exponentially this year, and whilst it's grown we've been keen to keep providing the same level of support that we offered when the company was first set up. That's why we've started using desk.com here at codepotato.

If you're not familiar with desk.com, it's a service built and provided by Salesforce specifically to help manage support requests. It doesn't force us to adapt our processes that we've built up over time. It just simply plugs into our business and runs like the clappers! We're using it to centralise all the support requests that come in, either from Twitter, Book of Face or other channels. With a central support service, we can continue to offer the support levels that our mums will be proud of!

Using desk allows us to provide a consistent service level across the board with all clients, no matter what channel the support request came in. Desk also provides us with the ability to provide live chat (hurrah) which can now be found on our say hi page (go check it out!).

This also means that we've resurrected our support email address (support [at] codepotato.co.uk) for the occasional email request that comes in. Hurrah!

Long live spudtacular support! :)