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Posted Oct 17, 2011 | ~3 minute read

This is the first of a series of guest posts from different authors related to either the financial services profession, or web development.The first article of the series is from Charlie Southwell (@charliesaidthat) who cofounded Screendrip Digital Marketing. What they don't know about digital marketing isn't worth knowing...

We've been working with Codepotato to boost their rankings in Google this past month. We've had a narrow focus and chatted with Gareth about the niche terms he wanted to rank for.

When we started a month ago, Codepotato didn't rank at all for the chosen terms. At the time of writing Codepotato is now ranking;

The aim is to eventually get Codepotato to #1 for IFA Web Design as we know that his passion for the industry is second to none!

So why SEO Financial Service websites?

These days, most people research and compare their options for financial services online. They use search engines to find sites that give them as much information about their pensions, mortgages, insurance and to reduce their debt.

You know this. This is why you got a website built (and if you haven't... you should check out some of codepotato's award winning IFA website design before reading the rest of this article).

So, what are the next steps to attracting business through your site?

Attracting Business with SEO

Now you have your financial services website, people need to find it. You need to decide what role your website will perform.

  • Is your website there to inform during the research phase?
  • Is your website there to sell during the purchase phase?
  • Is your website there to find more local clients?
  • Is your website just there so your clients trust you?..

We look at want you want to achieve with your website, work with you to understand your business and help determine the best keywords for you to target.

It's just about getting more traffic, its about getting the business you want to convert from your website.

But isn't SEO just smoke and mirrors?

I know SEO is sometimes billed as a bit of a black art. Truth is, it is and it isn't. Google change the rules and move our goalposts everyday; they change their algorithms regularly (mainly to reduce the amount of spam) so things change and we have to adapt our tactics daily.

At a basic level though, SEO is just making your website appear like it is the most relevant for one or two particular terms that people would search for.

We aim to help do just that. Make your website more relevant to your customers. But first we need to know more about you.

Next Steps to Boost SEO

We conduct technical SEO audits that go through your current onsite SEO, backlinks to your site, comprehensive keyword research and in-depth competitor research which gives you actionable recommendations to improve your site.

It usually costs £500+VAT, but we are happy to give codepotato customers 20% off.

Get in touch with Charlie, if you would like to see a sample audit.


Charlie cofounded Screendrip Digital Marketing and is a SEO specialist that cares about converting traffic into business. Asides from geeky stuff he likes Chinese food, wakeboarding and hanging out on the beach.

Chat with him on Twitter @charliesaidthat or Google+