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Posted Mar 17, 2014 | ~4 minute read

Over the past three months, we've been super quiet on all the social media streams that normally we would pollute with comments on hobnobs or how many coffee's we've consumed in thirty minutes flat. Whilst you've probably been thankful for claiming back your social streams, we wanted to take a moment to give you an insight on what we've working on over the last few months.

Financial websites, built for success

A few weeks ago we soft-launched website-ignition. Whilst we've had the idea for a while, we thought that it's about time we acted on it. You might be wondering "what the heck is this?".

If you threw everything we know about financial websites, and how to make them successful and potent online into a single website platform, website-ignition is what you would get. It's a managed website platform, that allows the lucky so-and-so's using it to focus on one thing only; content. We manage all the technology behind the site which also includes hourly backups and using the might of Amazon to deliver uploaded content quicker and more ready for spikes of traffic. Once you're using website-ignition, you'll have access to guides and tutorials on making the most of your site. It's a community around further improving your web and social presence.

We're currently working on the main site for this service that will go some distance to explain the benefits of using this new fangled approach. Whilst our marketing site isn't yet live, we do already have some fairly high profile sites using this technology such as and We're really impressed with the early signs of this new financial web platform!

* As a side note, if you want to be kept up to date with progress towards our "proper" launch, please checkout and add your name to our newsletter *

Client communication, reimagined.

We really do feel for financial advisers in the UK. You've got it hard when it comes to technology and tools to help differentiate and lock clients into your ecosystem. It appears that due to regulation, technology has allowed itself to stifle with the rare exceptions of tools like Moneyscope. Pete Matthew is doing his bit with his Adviser Technology site, but we feel there's still a LOT that could be done to boost advisory firms.

We've been harping on for over 7 years now about Filehaven, but i'm really, really pleased to announce that filehaven is launching to a couple of lucky early testers next month (April 2014). Even writing this now, I'm getting emotional that we're finally in a position to launch this to the industry we've built it for. When talking to other web folks about what we've built, they've all said "hey, this would work in all industries!" but we're adamant that you financial types should be the first to enjoy what we've built for you.

Again, you would be quite just in shouting "But what the flippety-flop is this, and why should I be excited?".

Filehaven has been built to finally provide an alternative to sending sensitive documents via email between advisers and their clients. Using data-storage hubs in the EU, we've built a platform that we hope will become the hub used to communicate with clients; at least those that want to communicate electronically. Filehaven can be white-labelled and ships from day one with the ability to setup workflows to standardise the way you communicate with clients. We sincerely hope you enjoy using filehaven.

We have a little list at the moment of companies wanting to be the first to know when we launch, and we would love for you to add your name too. Go checkout to add your name to our launch-list of VIPs!

And the rest!

Whilst we've been working on our own "stuff" we've also been busy helping a wide variety of firms with their online presence. Since the start of the year, we've pushed live over ten sites and web-apps in the financial industry and continue to work on a number of super exciting projects. We're ever thankful for the continued support our clients show us, and really look forward to revealing Filehaven soon!

Thank you, you're truly spudtacular!

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