Our Financial Education Giveaway

Posted Nov 21, 2012 | ~3 minute read

If there's one thing I couldn't agree more with on the run-up to Christmas, it's the Financial Education week arranged by @IFP_uk to try and raise awareness of financial matters with consumers.

Why do I support Financial Education week so passionately? Because the financial education I was given in School was utter, utter garbage. I received a thirty minute "lesson" on getting a bank account and being able to roughly work out the tax you owe from income. THAT WAS IT.

You only have to flick back through a couple of my previous blogs to see that I think there's a massive opportunity in the Financial Services industry to educate and almost brain-wash young adults into becoming incredibly well organised "financial advice evangelists" that do all your marketing for you.

If, when I was in school, I had received a session that made me realise (in a fun yet informative way) the concerns and hurdles you may have to pass in the future and how to best avoid them I think that as a generation, we would be better prepared for the basic financial matters such as budgeting, saving and more.

You see, as a country, we seem to rely on parents spending time with their kids teaching them about life's financial matters. I can't say that I remember having a conversation with my parents about how to best prepare for buying a house but I personally don't think it should be JUST down to them. After all, you're in school to learn (and improve the school's own performance scores, but that's another blog post!) and finance should be a topic taught to all 12-16 year olds, every term, every year.

I've hopefully done a good job now of showing how passionate I am about financial education week, and the next bit is where it gets fun! Honestly!

So what's this about a giveaway?

I'm laying down a challenge. [codepotato] is going to give away a funky Android tablet to one advisory firm in the UK that demonstrates a similar passion in Financial Education week.

The caveat; you must do something outrageous, or innovative to help raise awareness of the financial education week and it's goal. The more innovative the better, so get out there and do something amazing.

Once you've completed your marketing effort, come back and submit the form below detailing what you did. On the Monday following (3rd December) I'll pick the most innovative entry, post a follow up here and will arrange shipment of the tablet of your choice from the options below :

- 16GB Nexus 7 tablet
- 16GB Kindle Fire HD

Entry Form

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Competition Terms 

  1. You must provide legitimate proof of your efforts. Photographic evidence of any outdoor or group events is a good idea!
  2. The marketing efforts must be completed during Financial Education Week which is the 26th November 2012 to the 30th November 2012
  3. You must be an financial advisory firm, registered by the FSA in the UK. I will check this.
  4. Our say is final. If we suspect you're trying to dupe us, we'll ignore your entry.
  5. We will select a winner on Monday 3rd December 2012 or as soon as possible after that date.
  6. This is so totally going to convince you of the wonders of [codepotato] and hopefully convert you to our way of thinking. We accept no responsibility for any excitement (cups being knocked over, falling off chairs etc) for launching this giveaway.