Looking back at 2017

Posted Dec 22, 2017 | ~3 minute read

I don't know about you, but I'm really not sure where the past year has gone.

When running a business you rarely look backwards; the focus is always on what you can do to improve and what challenges might lie ahead. It's at this time of year, when everyone is reflecting on the year gone by that you start to realise and appreciate the work you've been lucky to put your name to.

Take, for example, one of the most exciting projects we embarked on this year; the investment platform for Moneycube over in Ireland. It's been a number of months now since the launch and on a recent call with their main-man, Ralph, it was lovely to learn how well it's getting on and how far their reach has become in such a short amount of time. Ralph is a pioneer; he saw an opportunity to bring something we all take for granted over here in the UK and engineered a product that suits the Irish market. I consider Codepotato incredibly fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with such people.

We're also really grateful for having the opportunity to help the Langcat Financial team relaunch their website along with a bespoke directory tool that they currently use to populate one of the very few Platform Directory tools in the UK. They have their very own fully flexible service to build any directory they would like to run. Being penchants for data and analysis, we're super grateful for helping them make stuff that helps people make sense of what they gather.

This year we also helped a number of businesses set up their own life insurance sites with real quote data from both Synaptic and iPipeline. That leaves us in an enviable position where we have quote engines for two of the three UK providers for life insurance data and we're able to pass that benefit on to our clients by helping them setup, host and maintain quote engines in next-to-no-time. This year alone hundreds of thousands of quotes have run through our systems and we're pleased to be able to help these businesses increase the coverage levels in the UK. This helps us sleep at night knowing more people are covered by life insurance every day as a result of the tools we're building out clients. ?

In terms of marketing sites, we've worked on a number of those too! Take the beautifully effective site for Herbert & Webster, the pioneering Moneycube and of course, our own site too! We helped rebuild the marketing site for one of our longest running clients, Bridging Loan Directory and the wonderfully different Primetime Retirement, too!

At the tail end of this year we finally (after talking about the idea for 8 years!) launched Filehaven to a select number of companies who were interested in helping us test it. At the time of writing we have just shy of 20 companies actively testing this with their clients and business and the feedback received has been phenomenal! Testing will end early January ready for our big launch at the end of the month, so keep your eyes peeled for more news on that.

Filehaven marks a big shift for Codepotato as we move to become a key partner for firms in embracing a secure and beautiful client communication portal.

For now, all that's left is to wish you a truly spudtacular Christmas and New Year and we look forward to more coding adventures next year!

As we often say in the office, peace out, girl scouts!