It's beginning to look a lot like PHP-mas

Posted Oct 24, 2013 | ~3 minute read

We're looking for help again! Woooo!

Without spilling the beans too much, we're going to have a pretty busy end of 2013 to the point that we might need a few extra hands tapping furiously at keyboards. If your idea of fun involves a keyboard, PHP and building sexy web applications, come on down!

So what are we looking for?

Right now, we're looking for a freelance PHP developer or a Junior Designer.

Exciting, I know, so read on!

All the deets of the PHP Developer role

Initially this will be a temporary position for a minimum of 12 weeks (three months) working from our super-awesome Emsworth office. You'll have access to SUPER fast broadband, an epic coffee machine and over ten pubs within walking distance of the office. That's enough on the boring work part, let's discuss what you would be doing for fun...

We need a developer who's well versed* in PHP and has had experience working with PHP frameworks (we don't care which one). You'll be working on some pretty hefty projects with us so will have plenty of support and guidance around what's required. If you don't already know it, we'll brainwash you into using GIT, and we guarantee you'll walk away with a black-belt in Laravel (our chosen PHP framework).

* read that as either junior or middle-weight. The equivalent of the slightly bigger Mario or the one with fire-throwing functionality, but not the one with fire AND wings. That would be overkill!

Salary : Negotiable.


Totally all the info on the Junior Designer role

If you dream vectors, modern designs and classy photography, you could be our hero.

We are looking for a designer who will work with our team to create some awesome designs for our various projects. From marketing websites to gun-blazing web applications, your work will be varied and exciting. We're biased, but honestly, it's that good!

We haven't yet mentioned our secret codepotato project either, but you would be part of the dream team of that too.

Ideally you'll be happy and comfortable working on a Mac, and have experience using Bohemian Coding's More importantly, its critical that you're passionate about what you do. Passion is more important than skillz, at this point.

Salary : Negotiable.

Woah, this is me, what do I do now?

Simples. Just drop us an email at sayhi [at] codepotato . co . uk with the most imaginative email that sells you and your passion.

If you have examples of your previous work, EPIC! If you're relatively new to the game, no worries, just be honest and open about what you can and can't do.