It was a secret up to now ...

Posted Oct 3, 2011 | ~2 minute read

Right now, I am actually walking round the IFP conference in Newport, Wales and meeting some of the great people that I talk to on Twitter. I wrote this blog post this morning, and have used the power of WordPress to delay the publishing of the article until now.

On the 11th of this month, [codepotato] would have been trading as a limited company for six months. Anyone that's known me for a while would know that actually, it's be around a lot longer than that and that the freelance business originally started in 2008.

The last six months have been a whirlwind of fun. I've enjoyed every minute of it, and have earned the respect of a number of great industry peers. These peers have, in many ways, offered me advice and their thoughts along the way and have been incredibly giving with their knowledge.

The news that I would like to share today is huge for me, given the size of [codepotato].

As of today, threesixty services LLP (the award winning support services company for professional intermediaries) are promoting me as their recommended provider of bespoke websites.

(I wanted to use the name "threepotato" but ... )

Threesixty are widely regarded as the most innovative support service providers in the industry. So much so that every person i've ever spoken to about them has always had something good to say. They look after their clients; something I believe many companies fail at.

There isn't a word to describe how excited and thankful I am for the opportunity. It's huge for a well regarded company to work with a much smaller firm (like [codepotato]!) but i'm supercharged and ready to work with their members.

Members of threesixty services will enjoy a handsome 10% off our normal rates, just for being a member. If you're a member, looking to revamp or launch a website, let's talk.


I made a flyer up for the IFP conference that mentions the hook-up with threesixty.