Is your Wordpress site up-to-date and secure?

Posted Jan 2, 2011 | ~2 minute read

Is your Wordpress installation up-to-date and secure?

If something went wrong, would you know how to fix your Wordpress installation?

Not sure? Read on...

Wordpress is updated regularly, so much so that in the last 6 months there have been a number of releases and updates to bring new features and fix security holes.

We recommend that companies update their Wordpress installation as soon as an update is released. However, we're aware that not everyone is aware when an update is released.

To help our clients rest easy knowing their site is up-to-date and secure, we're offering a new Wordpress Update Service.

Give me the low-down!

We will do the following:

  • Update your base Wordpress installation whenever a new release is made "stable".
  • Update your plugins and add-ons whenever they are updated.
  • Periodically check the efficiency of your site. This will include:
    • Improving the load-time of your site / theme
    • Reducing image sizes of base theme images
    • Reducing theme file sizes for quicker download times.
    • Ensuring your site is using the most up-to-date versions of Javascript libraries e.g. jQuery, MooTools (if applicable).
    • Resolving any errors on your site that may affect security or response times.
  • Install add-ons / plugins by request

This service is currently priced at £15 / month per site, and can be requested by using the following form.


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