Introducing the new potato!

Posted Jun 11, 2013 | ~2 minute read

I thought it might be nice to give you a quirky introduction to the first ever employee of [codepotato], Chris Terry.


I've thrown some quick-fire questions at the poor blighter, and these are his answers :

1) Describe yourself in a tweet (140 chars)

Like in an email, but with slightly worse grammar. In other words, random!

2) What made you get into web development?

I loved the interactivity you could get just with a simple set of hyperlinks and from there it exploded to learning PHP (creating html on the fly?! omg!) to having my own blog style website to full blown website applications. (Coming soon!)

3) Rumour has it you don't drink tea or coffee, is this true?

Indeed it is, hot drinks in general are out - it's always water when working, I find it helps when looking at screens all day.

4) Mini Cheddars, Hula Hoops or NikNaks?

NikNaks - Rib 'n' Saucy flavour, it used to be all about the Scampy 'n' Lemon then I grew up!

5) Stairs or Lift?

Stairs where possible, I don't consider myself to have a phobia, but they are quite enclosed spaces aren't they?!

6) Mac or PC (careful now :P )

Mac when working, browsing, twittering - PC for games.

7) Jazz or Death metal?

Hello, and welcome to Jazz club. Great!

8) Favourite colour

Vermilion - it's a shade of red so close to orange but not quite. Think Space Marine Blood Angels red and you'd be close.

9) What your biggest goal for 2013?

To move from "small fry" to "chip of the old block" at Codepotato!