Introducing Moneycube - Ireland's Investment Platform

Posted Aug 16, 2017 | ~3 minute read

I’m delighted to finally announce and chat about the work we’ve been doing with an innovative firm based in Dublin, Ireland. I’ve been dropping many teasers on Twitter over the last few months about an investment platform we’ve been working on.  Today’s the day I can share the link with you and shout about what we’ve been doing!

Moneycube approached us to help with the design and build of their online business and that work fell could be split into two distinct parts; their marketing site and an investment platform.

After a face-to-face planning session where we scribbled on many napkins and gestured with our hands we settled on an approach to take building the business. Our rough plans were drawn up and very quickly we were ploughing through code and nifty crayon work!

Distance was no barrier to delivery.  Moneycube are in Ireland, and we’re based on the sunny south coast of England.  So we tracked progress using project management tools like JIRA and Basecamp to keep the project on focused, innovative and on budget. I’m especially proud of what we’ve collaboratively built.

Moneycube founder, Ralph Benson comments:

“Moneycube has been formed to provide online access to investment funds in the Irish market.  We specialise in helping people take their money out of bank deposits, and putting it to work in diversified investment funds.

“Following a competitive tender, we chose Codepotato for their deep understanding of the retail financial services industry, and great track record of fintech development.

“Codepotato took the time to understand our business, the unique aspects of running developing it within Ireland’s regulatory framework, and the look and feel we wanted to create.  They understood our vision and made it a reality by leading development of the customer journey and the infrastructure to support it.

“The Codepotato team was able to introduce specialists in user experience, visual design, marketing communications and web security at the right point in the project.  Our customer feedback is consistently enthusiastic for the modern, easy-to-understand and accessible website that we sought to create.

“Gareth and the team also made working remotely really easy.  They introduced several clever tools to make the work efficient and easy, from capturing ideas and stimulus at the start, to bug-tracking at the end, with solid to solid project management tools used throughout.

“Codepotato’s work has been vital to Moneycube progressing its vision of becoming Ireland’s digital home for investments and pensions.”

We used some pretty awesome technology on the Moneycube site and investment platform. For the technical experts reading this, the platform was built using Laravel for behind-the-scenes crunching and VueJS for the front-end experience. This has allowed us to create a seamless, fast front-end that feels more “app-like” than a typical traditional financial site.

The marketing site was built using WordPress and a custom theme developed in conjunction with our designer. The site has been built to allow the Moneycube team full flexibility of page layouts to build their own landing pages and internal content. The site was hooked up with various social networks to make it effortless for users to share content with their own contacts and there’s even a tasty email capture block too!

If you have a few minutes, please go take a look at