Inactivity worse than no activity

Posted Jul 6, 2015 | ~3 minute read

Does this scenario sound familiar?

You’ve spent ages on each page of your brand new shiny website, tweaking the text, checking the keywords and got the title down. But there is a glass ceiling you cannot move beyond in the search rankings.

You’ve crossed the Ts and dotted the Is, to no avail - what more can you do? Now guides on how to increase your search engine ranking are two a penny these days, indeed, you might wonder how they compete for the top spot?

Create new content by blogging.

Blogging is no longer the preserve of the frustrated teenager in their bedroom, quite literally everyone and their mother is blogging. Of course, the majority of which is of little relevance to others - but what if it was to focus on your website, your business - suddenly the potential becomes clear.

By adding a new section to your site, that you can update on a regular basis with fresh new content and ideas - updating clients on your progress with a project, celebrate company milestones and inform potential customers that there’s people behind the smiley images!

In addition to the positive benefits for visitors, there’s an added bonus in that search engines love it too. Everytime they crawl your website, they find something new - something that other sites will potentially want to link back to. A simple and easy way of refreshing your site and moving it up the rankings without breaking the bank.

Hope you’re following this so far, because we’re now going to flip the scenario on it’s head.

You have a site that’s been around, established and you have a blog. Last post was several months ago. Visitors can see that, search engines haven’t found anything new in ages and that amazing blog post that got you so much acclaim people don’t link to anymore.

Suddenly the blog has become rusty, dusty and is dragging your site down. Dust might be very low in fat, but stagnation isn’t rewarded by the search engines. It’s a disaster, but doesn’t have to be.

All you need do is clean it up, get posting again and you’ll be heading back up those rankings in no time.

Have you got a site that you think could benefit from a blog or perhaps you haven’t been posting because you’re unhappy with the layout or functionality of your blog or site.

If so, let's have a chat. Let us know what you’d like and what you’d want to achieve.