Gold Standards Winners 2011

Posted Nov 24, 2011 | ~2 minute read

Last night was a big night in the financial services industry.

It was the night of the coveted "Gold Standards Awards" in London; where the industry celebrates the successes of firms that are "on top of their game". The Gold Services Awards are considered the hardest awards to win as they rigorously audit how you treat your customers and how well you're doing at igniting trust in what your company offers.

Nine awards were handed out last night to IFA firms, and i'm delighted that a third of the winners are existing clients of [codepotato]. Informed Choice, Wingate FP and Mearns & Company all walked away last night with the coveted award! No doubt they will be waking up with sore heads this morning!

The other winners were Investment Quorum, Torquil Clark, Clarity Independent Financial Advisers, Mazars Financial Planning, Braemar Wealth Management and Churchouse Financial Planning.

My challenge for next year is simply to be the trusted website provider for at least half of the winners of the Gold Standards Awards. It's ambitious, but i'm hoping with my abilities at brain-washing and cleverly used stickers i'll be able to do this!

Massive congrats again to our winners, and to the other companies that walked away with the award last night!

Until next year...