Give the gift of Karting - Competition

Posted Nov 10, 2011 | ~2 minute read

So, some of you on twitter would have heard (hopefully) that there's another @geekkarting event happening soon.

Following the massively successful event at Milton Keynes earlier in the year, we're holding another event down saaaaaff in Brighton.

The venue is the brand new indoor karting centre, designed by a karting fan but built by TeamSport - the UK's largest indoor karting company.

The event is on Friday 2nd December and is an event not to be missed. However, as it's nearing Christmas, i'm sure some geeks will have to make the hard decision whether to buy their Mum another cute puppy calendar, or go karting with fellow geeks.

As a gesture of (early) Christmas spirit, i'm offering a lucky geek a ticket to the event, paid for by [codepotato].

How do you enter? Simples. Leave a comment on the post below (make sure you include your twitter name) and i'll pick someone at random (got to love <?php rand() ?> function eh?) on the 18th November, at roughly 1pm GMT.

The winner will get a ticket to the event free of charge. Unless you're on the drive from Portsmouth to Brighton, you'll have to make your own way there.  But heck, you've saved yourself £50 anyways!

So, what are you waiting for! Leave your name, and RT about this post too!

UPDATE : Congrats to @markskinner_ who won the ticket. Using php's rand() function, it return "2", and Mark's comment was the 2nd on the blog.