Freebie: Pop our repayment and overpayment mortgage calculator on your site

Posted Nov 8, 2021 | ~0 minute read

If you would like to slap a fancy mortgage repayment calculator on your site that can demonstrate the benefits of overpaying your mortgage, then you're in luck!

We're offering our mortgage calculator to the masses free of charge. Just follow the instructions below, or whizz them over to your web developer to get up and running in minutes. 

Step one - Add some tags to your head

First off, you'll need to add the following into the <head> tag of your website:

<link rel="stylesheet" href=""/>

Then stick this before your closing body tag (e.g. </body> tag)

<script src=""></script>

Step two - Pop the placeholder div on a page

Then, just slap the following onto a page of your site to embed the calculator:

<div id="mortgage_calc"></div>

Step three - Profit

Bingo - one free mortgage calculator!

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