Financial Software and Auto-Save

Posted Oct 18, 2013 | ~2 minute read


As you may have seen, we're back in the saddle with development of Filehaven and whilst i'm not going to spill any beans, I wanted to discuss whether or not auto-saving of information would be useful and more importantly, whether this is used elsewhere in the industry. I've mentioned before that Filehaven is being built to work with advisers, not against them so we're super keen to ensure that every feature that makes it into the system would be useful and not just add to becoming another bloatware solution. With that in mind, we would love your thoughts on the below concept.

I have a theory that advisers and their teams are quite a busy bunch. It's just a theory, as I say, but like any business you get busy moments and quieter seconds. One minute you could be happily typing case information into a system then BOOM, in walks the boss with a much smarter idea of how you could be spending the afternoon. FILING.


You have no choice but to leave what you were doing (half way through) and crack on with their super-important task. Sighs are heard all round the office, as you've come to realise that you'll have to re-enter all that information again, once you've finished the task for Mr Bossman. What a waste of x number of minutes.

But what if it didn't need to be like that?

What if the software or service you were using at the time was equipped with some awesome feature that auto-saved your progress so that your efforts are not wasted, without you even doing anything. Wouldn't that be swell? Obviously it wouldn't assume anything, so it would just keep that half-completed "thing" there as a draft until you came back to it.

Does anyone think this would be useful? Does any other financial related tool or service do this currently?

Let us know what you think (pretty please).