A post full of thanks...

Posted Dec 15, 2011 | ~4 minute read

Hope you're comfy, this is going to be a long one...

Put simply, this year has been nothing short of epic for me. Those of you that follow me on twitter would have seen my tweets every now and again when i "level up" as a result of some meeting or networking attempt. Having only been in business (full-time at least) for 9 months, to look back at this year and see all the ground i've covered already is quite bewildering.

I'm the first to admit that i've had some pretty awesome support and advice from both family & friends (that includes you lot!). There have been too many occasions to recall in a blog post * but i wanted to take a moment and say a special thanks to those that you may not be aware have helped me and codepotato.

The hidden heroes from the Web Industry

@mrqwest (Anthony Killeen)
Anthony has helped with a number of projects throughout the year, some of which haven't gone live yet. He's a top chap, full of passion for what he does and very talented.

@simianstudios (Kris Noble)
Kris has helped out a number of times with development issues, and was kind enough to offer a room for the night before @geekkarting v1.0. Another good egg.

@philreadman (Phil Readman)
Phil is a recent addition to the codepotato power-league, but one that has very much made his mark already. A young, talented designer who is very easy to work with.

@samwilliamh (Sam Harding)
I could write an essay on how brilliant Sam is. Sam is a partner of codepotato and has been busy juggling a degree and our own web-app. He's mad to be thinking of a career in Accounting, as he's one of the most capable developers I know. Mega mega kudos to Sam for his hard work this year.

@charliesaidthat (Charlie Southwell) & @jacksaidwhat (Jack Parsons)
Top of their game, that's what these two are. What they don't know on search engines or digital marketing isn't worth knowing. Two young chaps destined to make a massive mark in the industry. They've offered their services to help boost codepotato and I couldn't rate them higher!

@danfast (Dan Fast)
Dan has helped multiple times picking up on issues or speed improvements with the projects i've worked on. Believe it or not, he also sent me a pack of Starbucks instant coffee and in my books that makes him a legend.

The hidden heroes from the financial services industry

@martinbamford (Martin Bamford)
Martin was possibly my first "proper" client (long story, won't go over it now) but has been incredibly helpful over the last four years let alone just this year. Martin has provided advice along the way which has helped me setup what I hope to be a long-lasting sustainable business.

@theparaplanner (Richard Allum)
Much like Martin, Richard has given me plenty of advice and feedback on many elements of my business and the projects I embark on. It was great to finally meet Richard this year at the IFP Conference and I look forward to another year working with him.

@petematthew (Pete Matthew)
Pete's random act of kindness several months back is still helping me now. He sent me a number of audio-books which he (correctly) thought might be of interest to me, and codepotato. He's a massive supporter of what i'm doing, and another good egg!

@kingmakersgroup (Rob Stevenson)
Rob is another generous chap who's dedicated a fair amount of his time to offer advice and feedback on what i'm doing, and where i'm going. He's also a bloody good laugh, and has a similar taste in music. My claim to fame is that I introduced him to Goldie lookin' chain.

@jenny_smyth (Jenny Smyth)
I remember how I first said hello to Jenny (hello localton!) on Twitter, and it was definitely a wise move! Jenny has provided an awful lot of help and ideas around marketing and i'm incredibly grateful for how she's helped.

Many others have helped along the way, and apologies if i haven't listed you above. I'm incredibly grateful for the support i've been given and look forward to another year of #winning

* I'll save it for my autobiography... :)