Web Applications & Integrations

Thinking of building a site that is more than just an informational resource? We can help.

Looking to innovate a little and build some exciting features for your clients, such as a client area, quotation tool or employee benefits system? We’ve done this before, and  have experience in converting your ideas into a reality & to budget.

Alongside our more traditional web design & build service we can also help plan, build and launch more sophisticated web services which we commonly refer to as “web-apps”.

These sites are often more advanced and dynamic than the traditional website, making them much more captivating and enticing for your visitors. We’ve built a quotation system and hooked it up to Iress & iPipeline for Primetime Retirement, and have built a benefits portal for Mearns & Co in Scotland that provides a service to employees in over 50 countries.

I have an idea, but I don’t know where to start!

No problem at all. Every project we’ve embarked on has started just like this. In fact, a vast number of the projects we’ve worked on started with an idea the client didn’t even think could be built, let alone to their budget!

We do the planning for you, and can quickly assess the likely costs involved in building your project. We’ll help you to consider elements that you might have overlooked and will provide you with ideas on how your idea could be built and rolled out.

Just give us a call or fire us an email and we’ll happily assist you with this.