Welcome to Website Ignition : Modern websites for the financial industry

We refer to our website service as “Website Ignition” and have been helping companies in the financial industry build & launch their own websites for over 6 years. Both the web and financial industries have changed in that time, and we’ve done what we can to keep our service relevant and fresh.

If you’re looking to revamp your existing website, or even *gasp* launch your first site, we would love to help you through the process. We love causing a ruckus and helping firms launch sites that make their competitors weep in the shower. It’s what gives us a buzz.

If you’ve looked at other agencies right about now is when they drop into technical mumbo-jumbo about all the technologies they would use and how they would adopt the latest trends of this, that and blah blah blah. Quite frankly, we think that’s dull. Instead, we would like to spend some time explaining the process we’ve engineered that makes the process of working with us a breeze for any busy financial firm.

Our Streamlined Spudtacular Service

Let’s just imagine for a moment that you like the sound of us so much, that you get in touch and enquire about kicking off a project with us. Well, that process would go something like this :

1. Quick chat & cup of coffee #1

We like to start projects by having a chat with you, either face-to-face (with coffee) or over the phone. We’ll answer any immediate questions you have on how we can help, and will send across our project starting pack to gather more information.

2. The Project starting pack

If you’re an advisory firm, when you work with new clients, you gather as much information about them as possible through a fact-find, and quite frankly we thought that was a brilliant idea. We’ve adopted a similar approach, albeit ours is much easier and quicker to fill in. It weighs in at only seven questions long, and helps us build a better picture of what you’re looking for.

You might be asking “But why don’t we just chat through it!”, well, that’s a very valid point and more-often-or-not, we would have covered most bases on our first chat. The reason that we like a written note of your answers is because it’ll help us on the next stage; initial  design ideas.

3. Initial design ideas a.k.a the crayon stage

This is the most exciting part of the process so far. It’s when we take everything we’ve discussed so far and prove our worth. Typically we would come up with a design for your site, starting with the homepage and send across a sample idea of how your site could appear. This is a test to see how well we understood your requirements, and at this point what we’re really looking for is as much feedback on what you like, and what you don’t. The more feedback, the merrier. Once we’ve worked through any changes or feedback you have, and you’re 100% happy with the design ideas, we progress through to the boring stage; quotes & agreements.

4. Quotes & Agreements

Once you love (and we mean love) the design we’ve done for your site, we would have a much better picture of exactly what you’re looking for. We should know how long it’ll take to build the site, and how extravagant it is. It’s the best time to quote for the project, as all guesswork is taken out of the project. We send across our quote, and your own project agreement that just covers the usual bits like how long the project will take, and what happens if you don’t pay (hint, we’ll tell your mum). We also make you very aware that we invoice over four months, so the project quote that you would have seen would be paid in 25% instalments, making it much nicer for everyone’s cashflow (just another nice thing we do). Once we’ve been given the go-ahead by you, it’s code o’clock!

5. Code o’clock

This is where we get all geeky. We’ll go away and build the design we did for you into a shiny content management system so that you have full control of the content on your site. We’re not going to bore you to death with the details, but this is where we stretch our coding fingers, grab a couple of cups of coffee and put on some fast-paced music until the job is done. Once we’ve converted the design to the web, it’s over to you.

6. Over to you, until launch

Once we’ve done our geeky bit, we put the site up on the web for you to start loading with content. Before that, we’ll give you training on how to use the site. We’ll only let you start playing with it once you tell us you’re happy doing so. We even offer a service where we’ll take your content that you provide and load it on to your site for you. We like to be helpful. Our mums taught us that.

7. Launch & happy ever after

Design converted : check, Client trained : check, Content loaded : check. It’s launch time! We’ll do everything you need to help you launch the site. Once it’s launched we don’t just vaporise, we’re here for you for as long as you want us (hopefully forever!). We love to work with clients on an ongoing basis to help measure the effectiveness of their sites and to give ideas on how to further improve what you have. It’s like the relationship you have with your dentist, except we don’t have those horrible drills, and that you actually like us!

Still reading, let’s have a chat

If this wall of text hasn’t put you off, and you’re excited by the prospect of working with us, then let’s have a chat. Even if you’re not looking for anything to start right now, let us help you gather your thoughts on what you could do.

One last thing, if you have an existing website, why not let do our best at an impartial review of it, from both a user’s perspective and technology. We spend no more than an hour on the review, and it costs just £40, but might help to highlight any areas of improvement, or obvious barriers to getting awesome places on the search engines.

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