Thinking of updating your site? Check these first

We’re approaching that time of year where firms are starting to think of marketing efforts for the new year, and with that in mind, we thought we would help by providing a few tools and services that you could use to assess how well you’re doing, and what needs improvement. So, let’s get started! Best … Continued

Why Google might start warning users against visiting your site

Hold on to the side of your seats folks, change is coming! Late last week Google blogged about their plans to start warning users when they visit a site that asks for a password or credit card information but doesn’t use HTTPS:// (SSL). You might be wondering “So what?”. If we take into consideration that statistically, Google … Continued

APIs, APIs everywhere! But what on earth is an API?

You may be used to transferring data between software by manually handling CSVs, but what if this could be automated? What if this could be done in realtime? That, is exactly what an API would allow us to create, seamless data flow between applications in realtime, without any manual interactions. Thats great, but why should I care about … Continued

Robo Advice : You’re doing it wrong.

First things first, I reluctantly use the title “Robo-advice”. If you follow me on Twitter you might have seen that I think the title is nothing other than a journalists wet-dream, but I’ve succumbed to using it because it’s what most of the industry use. Somewhere, an innocent rabbit is being killed every time that … Continued

Inactivity worse than no activity

Does this scenario sound familiar? You’ve spent ages on each page of your brand new shiny website, tweaking the text, checking the keywords and got the title down. But there is a glass ceiling you cannot move beyond in the search rankings. You’ve crossed the Ts and dotted the Is, to no avail – what … Continued

Introduction to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

I touched on the subject of SEO in one of my last blog posts (Bye bye traffic! Why you should care about Google’s bias towards mobile friendly sites), and went on to explain how Google is now penalising sites in their search rankings if they’re not optimised for mobile devices. I thought it would be … Continued

Bump up Google’s rankings – Just add SSL

Let’s face it, if you knew of a way to help give you a boost up the rankings on Google, you would take advantage of it, right? Well, in August 2014, Google quietly mentioned on their official blog that sites that use an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate had become another metric that on how … Continued