Here at Codepotato, we love nothing more than helping you convert your ideas into reality.

Whether you’ve fully planned out a client portal, or just have an early idea for something that could set you apart from your competition, we can help. We’ve worked with many clients to plan, design and build captivating online tools and marketing sites to help attract new clients or engage existing clients further.

Your idea could be small, or industry-changing — we’ll always pour our creativity and passion into it so that the end result makes you proud.

We truly love helping you make the most of the web and have acted as sounding-boards for so many ideas & projects. Sometimes a simple conversation can help you make sense of how your idea and whether it has potential.

If you have an idea you’ve been clinging on to for a while, why not talk it through with us today?

Spudtacular since 2011

We officially started trading as a limited company in May 2011 and primarily focused on providing marketing sites to advisory businesses already embracing Twitter and other social media channels.


Nowadays, we do so much more but still work with those clients that helped us gain traction in the early days. Companies such as Informed Choice, Primetime Retirement, Clara Media and many more.

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